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Josephine and

The Fantabulous Dream World

Hello there, this is PJ Chuz, the Founding Member of Josephinian Dream World Media, Ltd.

Empress Josephine is the inspiration for the company's name. The Empress commands Your Honorable Investors, to enter the house of the Josephinians and visit the gardens of our Dream World, as the busy bees are gathering pollens, tasting the flowers' dews and nectars. Before you realize it, abundant sweet fruits are right there for you to reap.

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About  the  Author
~  . P J  Chuz  . ~


    Bachelor's Degree of English Literature, Soochow University,

    Taipei, Taiwan
    Master's Degree of Theater, University of New Orleans,

    Lousianana, USA
    Certificate of Fine Arts Foundation, George Brown College,   

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Certificate of Film Studies, Ryerson University, Toronto,

    Ontario, Canada

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Image by Belinda Fewings
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