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     highly intelligent single-cell nano-parasite from the outer space, by utilizing a substance from the universe, managed to live with other lives on earth in a symbiotic relationship; at the same time, strives to propagate in order to survive, and even evolves into a new kind of civilization on earth. In so doing, several human beings as their guinea pig, were caught between the good and the villain forces of this single cell nano-parasite species from outer space.

The Fantabulous 
Nanomorphique Adventure 
of M. Hardoon   Rotman
1 .

   he most notorious femme fatale in Chinese classic literature—Pang Gin Lien, aka Golden Lotus, was kidnapped and brought into the future-25th Century, on the planet Ooguu in the Cassiopeia constellation, where she was reunited with her ‘dead’ husband, whom she had killed long ago; and her brother-in-law, whom she had unsuccessfully seduced in the beginning. Together, they started their space odyssey into the vast and ever-expanding universe.

Pang Gin Lien in
the 25th Century










the legend of
Four Barons in the
Kong Fu World
3 .

    woman Gynaecologist in the 16th Century China, helped four barons, who were actually female Kong Fu Masters in disguise, take revenge on their exes by way of brutally mutilate their own fetus, in front of the father.


      n Ming Dynasty (16th Century China),

a Brotherhood of three male Kong Fu masters and a Sisterhood of three female Kong Fu masters allied together to right the wrongs in a corrupted country. The Half heroes are a dog, named Big Yellow, adopted by the brothers and a cat, named Copy Cat, adopted by the sisters.

Yin  Yang  Heroes 

Three  and  a  Half


Spring,  Summer,  Autumn  Flowers

   resent day Tokyo. Each season represented by one geisha. The Summer Geisha is the current mistress of a big corporate’s CEO who, it seems to the Summer Geisha, is shifting his love interest to a much younger debutante -- Spring Geisha. To her ecstasy, Summer Geisha by chance obtained a mysterious artifact which gives its owner powers to control and manipulate other people; thus an intricate intrigue is drawn and executed which ended in the tragic death of Autumn Geisha, the wife of the CEO, by the hands of the Spring Geisha.

A Fragranced Path to a
Secrete Valley

    th century China, a secluded valley in the south-western autonomous region governed by ethnic people, offered sanctuary to any Kung Fu masters from the outside who were in big trouble; but situations were soon changed completely when a traveller unexpectedly discovered a fragranced path and entered the valley.

Hundred Charms and 
Thousand Elegances

   ung Fu master Hundred Charm and her newly acquainted friend Thousand Elegance, started practice together of a special kind of kung fu, which allows them to deadly attack their enemy from the sky using gliding kites. Hundred Charm’s boyfriend, because not be able to escape from Thousand Elegance’s love spell, devised a special weapon – a boomerang in a plot to kill Hundred Charm when they are in the sky. Unfortunately, the boomerang weapon killed Thousand Elegance instead, and himself also.

The Peril of Chonghwa

    he earth after World War III became an uninhabitable place, except for certain protected cities, such as Yangchow, China, where a matriarchy society was established, and everyone’s life was in perfect harmony. Chonghwa, after finishing special kind of education was introduced to the country to be the heir to Damu, the head of the matriarchy; but very soon she began to realize that things may not be as what she was taught.

The Buddha Stature of Water
and Moon Avalokiteśvara

     ixteenth Century. After the death of his mother, Irvin Gene left Lisbon and traveled through Pamirs Mountains, entered China in search for his father’s homeland. Barely escaped a horrible death in the Taklamakan Desert, he was rescued by a Camel Caravan, and with two caravan merchants, they discovered in an underground well, a Zoroastrian temple sealed and preserved, then witnessed the ascending of the ancient spirits into the heaven.

Toronto Story: A Chinese  Legend

     Chinese Godfather – the Supreme Being of Chinatown, and his two sons, their encounter and conflict with the Vietnamese gangsters from Montreal to Toronto.

Best Player One BY one

fter discovering her half-sister has drowned in Lake Huron, a First Nation woman travels to Toronto with her dementia-suffering grandfather to unravel this horrible murder.

Teaming up with Detective 5G of Toronto PD, they expose and capture a serial killer.

Abstract A

Celiy  and

detective 5g



eliy and Detective 5G, their talents are a perfect match in Forensic Investigation. Her wit and his methodic analysis led them to nab each and everyone of the cunning villains. Their first case together, is The Mystery of the Bloody Stranger by the Ravine.

Zigzag Pattern
Screen Script: Episode 1
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