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Fantabulous nanomorphique adventure of

m hardoon rotman

Part Six

Tokyo, Japan

Chapter 7
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Haruhana Wakako and the new Asakusa Theatre


Haruhana checked into a 5-star luxurious hotel in Chiba Prefecture (千葉縣), in a traditional Japanese Tatami style penthouse suite, she initiated this theatrical event by summoning various groups of artists and the managerial staff, to take them on board for the production.


Tokyo Sensei, in an effort of helping his daughter’s performing career, was building a Kabuki style theatre near the Asakusa Temple. Designed by the world-renowned architect Koishiyama Denka (小石山殿下), it was near completion and ready to be presented and open to the public in about 1 month's time.


All the artists one by one or in groups came to her suite to be engaged into her theatrical vision. The artists hand-picked by her, included: Music by Sendoya (仙道也); Choreography by Shinokawa Unami (篠川雲友); Costume by Yuzuru Ni (羽生猊). Also top choices were her managerial staff: Itō Hirofumi(伊藤浩文), the Theatre Manager; and the theatre’s Artistic Director team of Miyazawa Jūbee (宮澤十兵衛), the Art Director; and Kagawa Yanagimuku (香川柳沐), the Stage Manager.

This list would be the envy of every producer in Tokyo theatrical scenes, for many years to come.


She wrote and compiled 20 poems to tell this love story of 2 angels in heaven. A draft between these two broke out. The Golden Crocodile (its crystal body was now almost filled with gold flakes and nuggets), had asked the other angel, herself, for help it getting back an important treasure from an enemy on earth. She declined the request.

So the other angel left her and descended from Heaven to Earth to face his own nemesis. But she descended to Earth also, in order to find him and to win him back for a beautiful and romantic ending.


She enlisted Setonai Ginkai as the Narrator Singer and wrote extra needed lyrics for her too. Mayee Tang was given the role as the Lantern Bearer, since she was a highly achieved Kung-Fu Master, so she would be the best candidate to keep an eye on the evil Crocodile.


On the opening night, Yuzuru Ni himself helped Haruhana put on the costume Shiromuku (白無垢), a traditional Japanese wedding dress in white satin.


3 assistants in black overall, were required on-stage to help her maneuver the 4 transformations (4 layers) for the costume, it equaled to the 4 basic mathematical operations: 1. Subtraction – long, narrow strips of white satin were torn away, piece by piece, revealing the red underlining. 2. Addition – 3 capes of black veil to be put on her shoulder by black-clad assistants. 3. Multiplication – 2 strong electric fans brought onto the stage by the assistants would generate wind like a hurricane and blew her black veil capes into a web of chaos, hampering her movement on stage. 4. Division – in a fierce struggle, she managed to take all the entangled layers off and threw them into the air, leaving only the last layer – a black and gold sparkling robe.


Time:  3 Days after Tokyo Sensei returned to Tokyo

Locale:  Tengai Raikyaku Izakaya, Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo Sensei and Jerrona


It was love at the first sight between them. But Jerrona was in Jerrod's body, a human male. Therefore, after they returned to Tokyo, he started to introduce her to his empire subjects and business colleagues, displaying an unusual intimacy between them, there was a rumor broke out that Tokyo Sensei was outed.


A day later, he brought her to the Izakaya, the Fun House built specifically for the visitors from the outer space. Jerrona enjoyed it so much that in the Fun House, she behaved like a little girl.


Then they went deep down to the Vault where the collection was stored and displayed.

They went through 4 security check points, at the Iris Scan, Jerrona suddenly, at the nano level, had the access to the faces of all the people Tokyo Sensei had encountered throughout his personal life, and Jerrona began to change her appearance according to those images.


Tokyo Sensei was flabbergasted to see all these people embodiment in Jerrona, until he saw his long-lost true love -- Haruwaka Flower Seiko (春若花聖子), who died while giving birth to their daughter, Haruhana Wakako (春花若子). But they were not married, therefore Haruhana was Tokyo Sensei’s illegitimate daughter.


Tokyo Sensei was so joyful, because from that point on, Jerrona was permanently took the appearance as his true love, Haruwaka Flower Seiko.


When they stepped into the Vault, Jerrona immediately sensed the danger that Haruhana might be in.

With the help of the purple crystal skull, she reviewed what had happened in the Vault, and for the first time, saw the crystal crocodile and sensed the pure evil in it.


She examined the entire collection of the alien artifacts, by utilizing many of the items, she set up a force field to protect the Izakaya and its vicinities. She configured the purple crystal skull as the control matrix and made the Vault a command centre for the war against the evil crocodile and its master, her former colleague – Jerome.

She promised Tokyo Sensei to do everything in her power to protect Haruhana.


But Haruhana checked herself into a secrete location, away from everyone, so she could concentrate on preparation for her biggest musical theatre production – The Legend of the Golden Crocodile.



Haruhana procrastinated in facing the Crystal Crocodile after she returned to Tokyo with the inner crystal decoction of Gerald Crabbe in her possession.

Now every other issue regarding her theatrical production had been taken care of, she felt obliged to talk to the Crocodile.


The lantern that imprisoned it was covered by an embroidered sachet. She opened the bag, and immediately noticed the change to the crocodile’s appearance, its crystal was now filled with gold flakes and nuggets.


It requested her to give it Gerald Crabbe’s crystal inner decoction. She said only after the run of the show ended, that would be weeks later.

It was angry and the gold flakes and nuggets inside the crystal increased in number.


She recited the 20 poems that depicted their love story to it. It was not satisfied and wanted a revision.

She changed the title of the play from 'The Legend of The Golden Ripple Fairy' to 'The Legend of The Golden Crocodile.'

Also changed was the name of the theatre from 'Theatre Asakusa' to 'Theatre Golden Crocodile.'


But, in the end, it realized that she had no idea how to unlock the lantern, which means it could be imprisoned forever. It got so angry that it extended itself 10 times in size and blown itself into thousands of gold dusts.

The lantern became elastic and bubbled up too but did not blow up and maintained the confinement. The gold dust condensed back to the golden crocodile again.


Witnessing such violence and raw power, Haruhana immediately wrapped the sachet around the lantern and locked it up in a strong box.



Rohardoon, Catherine, and Cassandra followed Haruhana to Tokyo, Japan with one goal in mind, to retrieve the Old Man's inner crystal decoction. Tagged along was Jerrod, but he was in a rather bad situation, because this time, in order to avoid being the double of Jerrona, he took the appearance as Dr. Hennessy Law, Catherin’s estranged husband and Cassandra’s father. Therefore, he tried not to show his face around them, so not to make them uncomfortable.


With the information on the invitation, they checked out the new theatre first, but it was in the last stage of construction.

No one knew where was Haruhana, and Tokyo Sensei was not at home either, he went to Yukohama to visit Haruhana's grandparent.

But his housekeeper redirected them to the Izakaya and advised them to talk to the gatekeeper -- Tengai Butatarou (天外豬太郎), the 3rd member of the Tengai Ninja Team.


When they arrived there, the Amethyst that Cassandra was carrying connected with the Purple Crystal Skull immediately. They were invited in directly. Cassandra wanted to go in and bypass Butatarou, so Rohardoon practiced his newly gained shape-shifting ability and changed himself into a tree to give Cassandra and Catherine some cover.

He did turn into a large tree but couldn't move fast enough to accompany them.


Jerrod volunteered to distract Butatarou by visiting him in the gatehouse.

But 2 chipmunks frolicking in the woods passed by the gatehouse and warned Butatarou of intruders in the Vault.


Butatarou rushed through the underground hallway and saw a half tree half human monster; he almost killed Rohardoon. But eventually everything was clarified.


Jerrod began to survey all the items in the collection, but suddenly Jerrona appeared, as the Purple Crystal Skull automatically notified her about the visitors.


Jerrona explained Haruhana's situation and her involvement with the Crystal Crocodile.

As she promised Tokyo Sensei to protect Haruhana, she had cooked up a plan to help Haruhana. She enlisted the Tengai Ninja Team and made them into a band playing traditional Japanese music instrument on stage, so they can form a shield to protect Haruhana right there.


Then she told Rohardoon that she can help him to fully develop his ability of changing form. She knew the Chalice of the collection was a duplicator, but it could also cure of Rohardoon's half baked potato problem.


After that's done, she scalded the Amethyst of being lost for so long, it had almost totally degenerated intellectually. She asked Jerrod to take over it, and re-train it and polish it, and let it shine as herself once more.

Then they left the Izakaya to prepare for their shielding-Haruhana task in Jerrona’s project.



It was very clear that the earliest day anyone could see Haruhana would be the day of the opening night of the play.


The performance was about 2 weeks away, so Catherine and Cassandra spent their days either visiting museums or lingered around the theatre site. They noticed that the name of the theatre had been changed from 'Asakusa Kabuki Theatre' to 'Golden Crocodile Theatre.'

Rohardoon if not involved in the 'Shielding Haruhana' project, then joined them waiting around at the theatre site.


When the theatre completed all its construction work, they started to hang poster up on the glass-cased bulletin board. Cassandra was curious about a golden crocodile design on the post, and walked toward the bulletin board, but she bumped into someone, she was holding a box of Wagashi (和菓子), a chocolate-candy-like Japanese confectionery, some candy dropped to the ground, she went for picking it up, then she discovered a small silver ball, she also picked it up and put it into the candy box. The person she bumped into seemed very passive, so she led him to a sitting area next to a mini shrine Inarijinja(稻荷神社) by the corner of the theatre.

She offered to share the candies with him, but he picked the silver ball, opened the cover, licked and swallowed half of the rouge-like content.


He was the autistic older brother of Seitonei Ginkai.

Ginkai and Mayee Tang were requested by Haruhana to visit the theatre in advance, so to familiarize themselves with the stage and the interior. So, on that day, Isshiki Risei and Alfonse de Baux accompanied them.

Ginkai also invited her older brother, Seitonei Kankai (瀨戶內瀚海) to join her for a special touring of the theatre. But he came very late and was left outside alone for the moment.


After ate half of the content of the silver lip-cream capsule, Kankai was bestowed with a magical power -- whenever he sneezed, any couple who stood most close to him, would embrace each other in a deep kiss.


So later, when everybody met everybody, they decided to visit the nearby Asakusa Temple (淺草寺), Kaminarimon Gate (雷門), and walk around Nakamise Dori (仲見世通), his sneezes overwhelmed the entire area in a romantic ‘kissing’ mood that was religiously pious at the same time.



Haruhana was very worried about the agreement she made with the golden crystal Crocodile. She took out a much smaller embroidered sachet, in which she had stored 3 important objects: Gerald Crabbe's Inner Decoction - a Crystal in amber color; the Dragon Ball - the Dragon-Head Walking Stick; and the silver lip-cream capsule.


The silver capsule was not there, a voice sounded behind her: "I let it go free."

She realized it was Gerald Crabbe speaking.


Gerald Crabbe told her, that the Dragon Ball belonged to him, and he gave it to her father, Tokyo Sensei long time ago.


He informed her that Jerrona now took the appearance as her mother, Haruwaka Flower Seiko (春若花聖子), they went together to Yokohama (橫濱) to visit the parents, and all of them repented for the ignorant act of blaming her for her mother's death.


Knowing the power and hostile intention of the crystal golden Crocodile, Jerrona promised Tokyo Sensei to protect her at any cost. Jerrona managed to enlist all 3 ninjas to form a music band, to perform on stage, as bodyguard to her.


The Amethyst was willing to sacrifice herself to be re-formed into four pieces; 1 - a small bead to be attached on the outside of the lantern, as a spy camera to watch over the Crocodile.

2 - a pendant necklace of statuette in her mother's image to be worn by her for personal protection.

3 - A small smart watch as a gift to be given to Cassandra Law.

4 - Last but not the least, a crystal lotus flower with stem, as a tool for Mayee Tang to use, combined with her kung-fu energy, to create a force field sealing off the stage, as the audience protection.


The invisible Jerrod will be there to supervise the entire ensemble.


Gerald even offered his own effort to protect her, he urged her to carry him and the Dragon Ball on stage, to cover for any emergencies.



Two hours before the curtain call, Yuzuru Ni, himself brought the costume and with 2 assistants helped her to put on the complicated layers.

In a whimsical idea, he used a fuchsia lipstick to draw a 卍 Buddhist Icon on her forehead, between her eyebrows as to give her some color highlights.


Minutes before she was to be elevated, while posing in position on the platform underneath the trap door, she heard noises that was not familiar to her at all, the opening scene had been altered somehow.


The stage was indeed more than she expected. 3 members of the Tengai Nija Band were on stage: Tengai Butatarou playing the guitar, Tengai Mononosuke playing a Japanese flute, Tengai Ryunosuke playing a medium sized Japanese drum.

There were also 2 chipmunks, following Butatarou everywhere.


The audience was completely taken by Haruhana’s performance, as she struggled with the costume, they cried for her, watching her suffered from her frustrated love.

Then came to the point to reveal the Golden Crocodile to the audience, it was not Mayee Tang, but a giant Origami Crane (摺紙千羽鶴) carried the lantern with the Crocodile came onto the stage!


In Haruhana’s ear, Gerald Crabbe explained to her, Mayee Tang was re-assigned to the responsibility of protecting the audience. The Paper Crane actually was Rohardoon, he almost mastered his shape shifting skills.


Mayee Tang appeared on stage as the deity of the Asakusa Temple -- Avalokiteśvara (觀世音菩薩). She was sitting on a platform decorated with clouds above the stage, then moved to the position in front of the audience in the midair. With the purple crystal lotus flower held in hand, many people in the audience thought she was the reincarnation of the Asakusa Temple Buddha.


Catherin and Cassandra wore black overalls as stage assistants, they carried the embroidered sachet in sync with the Paper Crane.

Before Cassandra untied the string on the sachet, an extra large TV screen descended from above, so when the Narrator Singer Ginkai introduced to the audience the ‘other’ major character – the Golden Crocodile, everyone was in close and intimate encounter with focused image of Crocodile on the giant screen.


Audience was further astonished as the golden, crystal Crocodile on screen opened its big eyes and began to speak.

Halfway through the performance, the Golden Crocodile, unsatisfied with Haruhana lyrics, begged the audience to listen to its own version of the story.


Gerald Crabbe urged Haruhana to end the show by singing the last few stanzas from her own writing even through the wording now sound out of the touch with the new development.


Haruhana hesitated, so the Crocodile began to sing its own story.



The Crocodile asked the musicians to give him some improvised music, then began singing its version of the love story.


Its version was deliberately lingered on the past sad story of her mother's death at her birth, then the cruel semi-abandonment of her by her father and by her mother's parents.

Its singing and rendering of its own story drove everyone into tears.


Then it started the love story by Lake Petén Itzá, and how its lover refused to help it fulfill its master's demand to go to China and to get the enemy's crystal decoction.


In a slip of the tongue Haruhana said she did. Then the Crocodile started to scald her being not honest to their agreement.

It began to throw malicious language at her. This angered Haruhana, so she retaliated with some dirty language too.


This heated argument on stage scared the mild Japanese audience, an elderly couple started to leave.


In a rage, the Crocodile again tried to explode itself in the lantern.

Mayee Tang activated the force field and segregated the auditorium from the stage, as to guarantee the safety of the audience.


But amidst the chaos on stage, the Old Man, Gerald Crabbe suddenly appeared, holding the Dragon-Head walking stick and confronted the Crocodile, asking it why its master was looking for him.

Its master was looking for the Sarcophagus.


Gerald Crabbe asked how its master had gotten more powerful?

The Crocodile explained that he forgot there was the 3rd Stasis left in the spaceship, that stasis was designed for Jerrona's use only, it contained some more advanced technology than the other two.


Gerald Crabbe refused to give it the sarcophagus's whereabouts.


Seeing all the commotion on stage, the audience began to feel agitated, especially Tokyo Sensei, he began to twist the tubular thumb ring from his alien artifact collection.


The Crocodile noticed a very thin reddish light came out of Tokyo Sensei's ring and seemed to be scanning the stage. It realized that was the key to unluck the lantern and to regain its freedom. He told Haruhana: "Look, what is your father doing?"


Gerald Crabbe immediately tried to prevent her from looking. But it was too late. She turned her had, a fuchsia-colored beam of light reflected from the 卍 icon on her forehead directly into the lantern, and the Crocodile was suddenly out of the prison.



Facing the freed Crocodile, Gerald Crabbe immediately changed himself into a giant hermit crab, waving its claws trying to give a blow to the Crocodile.

But the crocodile opened its mouth so wide that it swallowed the hermit crab in whole.


Every member of the ‘Shielding’ team closed in on the Crocodile, but it was the chipmunks leapt forward with gnarling teeth showing, started the attack first, fortunately they were saved by the invisible Jerrod and send them to the backstage.


The Crocodile shrieked, everyone covered their ears, all Ninja Band's instruments were self destructed.

The Origame Crane/Rohardoon stepped in between the Crocodile and Haruhana, only to be sent flying against the force field, by the swiping tail of the Crocodile.


Jerrona moving in onto stage, attempting to rescue Haruhana.

But the Crocodile suddenly spited out the hermit crab and as Jerrod was rushed in to catch it, the Crocodile shot out a sticky tongue, grabbed Haruhana and swallowed her. Then it spit out the Dragon-Head stick, and rode away on it, from the top tear side door, through the hallway, and flew out of the theatre from the smashed glass gate. 

Once outside, it flew southbound toward the Antarctica, and disappeared in Tokyo's night sky.


Jerrona instructed one of the bodyguards to stay with Tokyo Sensei, then jumped on the mercury mirror and flew through the same rout to the outside and chased after the Crocodile and Haruhana.


At the same time, the very weak Gerald Crabbe ordered Jerrod and Rohardoon to rush back to the Crystal Reefs, in which, deeply tugged away, was the coveted Sarcophagus. They had to be in a hurry, because now the Crocodile had gotten this secrete, its master certainly would send some kind of troops right away, to take the Sarcophagus back from the Crystal Reefs.

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