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Fantabulous nanomorphique adventure of

m hardoon rotman

Rohardoon_Montreal Apt_Map.JPG

Part Two

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Chapter 2


Time: Next Day

Locale: Rohardoon's Apartment, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Rohardoon woke up, heard and saw a little girl crying beside the bed. He had no memory of the thing happened the night before.

But things gradually returned to him, then in the study, as he touched a crystal skull paperweight, suddenly the Newt Suite and the Old Man's assignment became clear.

He decided on his own, to return Cassandra to Dr. Denver. Cassandra told him her Aunt Barbara lived in Montreal. They called and asked Aunt Barbara to come to pick Cassandra up.

While waiting, the Old Man Gerald Crabbe appeared. He brought the Amethyst with him, and let it communicate with Cassandra.

In fact, the Amethyst was a crystalized decoction (內丹) from the living being's inner alchemy, it belonged to Jeronna, one of the Old Man's team member, but it was separated with her and was lost for thousand years.

The Old Man asked Cassandra to help Amethyst unite with Jeronna, and since originally they came from the Maya Jungle, so they all had to go to Maya Jungle to find out what happened there thousand years ago.


Just as they were heading out, the boss of the 3 ninjas appeared, a 70-year-old Jewish American he had lived in Tokyo for 50 years, and was nicknamed 'Tokyo Sensei' by the press. He tried to procure the Amethyst again, but failed again, so the Old Man led Cassandra and Rohardoon on their way to the Mayan adventure.

Right at that moment, a police cruiser arrived in front of the apartment building, with Aunt Barbara shouting Rohardoon's apartment number to the police.

Chapter 3



Time: Late in the morning

Locale: Street of Montreal


There was a mess up in Rohardoon's apartment number, but finally the police arrived at the correct suite, only to find Tokyo Sensei (東京先生)in the room, he was accompanied by a beautiful lady in a pink Japanese Kimono. She claimed to be the personal secretary for the Consulate General of Japan in Montreal, her name - Haruhana Wakako (春花若子).

But this investigation was interrupted by yet another shouting from Aunt Barbra on the street. She saw her niece was escaping away riding in a motorcycle.

Rohardoon was driving a double sidecar motorcycle with the Old Man riding on the right and Cassandra on the left.

He was waiting for the signal light when police rushed out onto the street, then started the cruiser and chasing after the motorcycle, but left Aunt Barbara on the street side.

Aunt Barbara won't take 'No' for an answer, so she intercepted a Taxi and chasing after the cruiser.


Thus, this episode became slapstick Keystone Cop style chasing scene.

The chase became more confusing and chaotic because the magical motorcycle was able to cast a mirage of the same motorcycle but going the opposite direction at all the turning corner.

At last, Rohardoon loosed the Police and Aunt Barbara. He drove the motorcycle to a remote ally by the bank of St. Lawrence River in the industry area, then droving directly forward, the motorcycle slipped into the river.

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