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Image by Hulki Okan Tabak

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Fantabulous nanomorphique adventure of

m hardoon rotman

Part Three

Anticosti Island, Quebec, Canada

Chapter 4


Time: Continuous Timeline

Locale: St. Lawrence River, and Anticosti Island, Quebec, Canada


The Motorcycle as entering the river, transformed itself into a bubble submarine propelled by a flap tail and some kind of fins on the side.

Even the bubble was transparent, the water surrounding them was murky, they had to spend hours in this claustrophobic space, so Old Man Gerald Crabbe asked the 'Petite Balle' (the bubble submarine) to create a 'virtual reality' tour of the place they were heading to.

The place they were going to was located at the mouth of St. Lawrence River, an island called Anticosti. At the outer end of the island, at the bottom of the Gulf, Old Man Gerald Crabbe had been building a sanctuary for all kinds of sea creatures, particularly endangered species. He called it Crystal Reefs or Crystal Ark, because the building material, an organic crystal came from the outer space. Tens of thousands of years ago, a highly advanced spaceship crashed into the south pole of the earth, these crystals were cropped from the material left inside the spaceship.


The reason for Gerald Crabbe to bring Rohardoon and Cassandra to his crystal ark was, he needed to return to a sarcophagus, secretly tugged away in the crystal ark, to recharge, so he would be young again.

But to be fully recharged, the process would take 500 years. Unfortunately, under the current circumstances, he did not have the time, so approximately, one day later, he reappeared from recharging, and took them on their way to the Maya Jungle—the Tikal ruins in Guatemala.

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