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Fantabulous nanomorphique adventure of

m hardoon rotman

Part Nine


Chapter 10


Time: Continuous Timeline

Locale: Various Locations


Thus, the Old Man, Gerald Crabbe left the Earth, and went on for another journey on another planet, or in another universe.


The following are Epilogues to each sub plot:


10.1    Jerrona and Jerome

After the explosive ending of the Kabuki Musical -- Golden Crocodile, The Legend of Love, Jerrona rode on the Mercury Mirror and chased after the Crocodile.

Just at that time, her Captain – Gerald Crabbe, downloaded thousands of terabytes of information to her related to the crashed spacecraft eons ago.

Particularly the coordinates of its location in the bottom of the Antarctic Sea.

The intriguing Crocodile slipped through her fingers. Jerrona then tried to approach the location according to the coordinates, but discovered that the local magnetic field had been scrambled, she couldn't pinpoint the location of the spacecraft.

She decided to return to Tokyo for now, and to prepare a 2nd rescue mission to get Haruha Wakako back.

But before her retreat, she seemed to sense 2 things, a faint heartbeat -- was this the heartbeat of the real Tuwenwen Queen? Who was still hibernating in her stasis after dormant for thousands of years?

Yet she couldn't sense Jerome’s existence. Jerome seemed to be missing! Or was he entrapped in another dimension?

But no matter where he was hiding, she determined to get Haruhana back, for Tokyo Sensei's sake!



10.2    Tokyo Sensei, Haruhana Wakako, and Tokyonians

Finally, the secrete was out, Haruhana Wakako was Tokyo Sensei's illegitimate daughter.

Tokyonians were most sympathetic towards him, not only because he suddenly aged so much, but they felt sorry for him, because of his obsession of collecting Alien's valued artifacts, now the Aliens had their revenge on him, by taking away his own daughter.


10.3    Tengai Izakaya and Alien House of Horror

In the appearance of Tokyo Sensei's long-lost love, Jerrona automatically inherited the empire that Tokyo Sensei had built. Under her management, the Izakaya Fun House now turned into an Alien's House of Horror, and Jerrod was the Master Designer of all the scary things in the House.


10.4    Rohardoon, Catherine, and Cassandra

Afterwards, they lived happily together and settled in Montreal.

10.5   Hennessy Law and Alice Mak

Hennessy and Alice decided to live together for now, and even marriage, if he got devoiced.

Hennessy reported to the Local and Central Government of China that the excavation site was flooded, but it was confirmed that there was a Taoist Temple of Sung Dynasty underneath the mountain, and he and his team would continue to dig the site out, even if they had to remove the entire mountain.


10 6    Mayee Tang and Alfonse de Baux

The Brother and Sister de Baux decided, that after they had completed the production of their company's first film, 'Spring, Summer and Fall Flowers,' they would hold their holy ceremony with their fiancé together and in traditional Japanese ritual.


10.7    The Silver Rouge Ball, Melanie de Baux and Setonai Kankai

Kankai and Melanie, their marriage was made literally by Cupid himself, the Cupid being the Little Rouge Ball.

That day, in front of the not-opened-yet Golden Crocodile Theatre, the autistic Kankai ate almost the entire content of the Rouge Ball and became very sick.

Melanie took care of him from the beginning. So, when the strange illness was miraculously cured, they were completely immersed in Love.


10.8    Spring, Summer and Fall Flowers, Isshiki Risei, and Setonai Ginkai

de Baux Monde Film Corp produced their first film, 'Spring, Summer and Fall Flowers' with Haruhana as the first female lead. Since Haruhana was abducted by the Crocodile, the company held a star search audition and discovered an actress that could be Haruhana's double.

Mayee Tang gave her a screen name: Ann Mizukocho (杏水蝶 ).

The film had its world premiere at the Golden Crocodile Theatre in Tokyo's Asakusa Prefecture.

On the red carpet, three 'Flowers,' the 3 female leads of the film, were all in traditional Japanese Kimono. The production team, the de Baux brother and sister were in western costume of night gown and tuxedo.

But it was Setonai Kankai who stole the night. Cured of autism, he was in Samurai costume, carrying a sward on the waist, contrast to his own 'foreigner' look, this Samurai image drove the female fans crazy, they all screamed and shrieked treated him as the male lead of the film.

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