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We Bee Josephinians!

Fantabulous    Stories
~ and Where to Find Them ~
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Our Affiliated Website:

is the Host of an extensive collection of fictional, narrative works by author PJ Chuz, covering a full spectrum of literary genres.
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In-House Special Features:

Film Pitching Log Lines &

Plot Outlines are planted here for Honorable Investors to harvest.

Spectrum Includes:
Science Fiction
Cosmos Isolé -
The Metropolis
Short Story
Kung Fu Novel
Drama of Dreams
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Special Feature of Log Lines & Detailed Stories for:
4 Full Novels
7 Short Stories
5 Future Projects
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Pre-Production   Feature    # 1
~  Fantabulous Nanomorphic Adventure
of  M Hardoon Rotman  ~
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Log Line
When  Harry  Potter
Meets  X-File !
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Plot Spoiler
Detailed Story Outlines
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